Booking online your holidays in Tuscany

Right in the heart of the Val di Cornia, a stone’s throw from the uncontaminated hills of Riotorto, 800 metres from the limpid waters of Carlappiano in the Gulf of Follonica and facing the Island of Elba.

You will be taken on a timeless journey through an area that is full of fascinating, genuine appeal such as the evocative traces of the Etruscan population, the Roman ruins and mediaeval villages. The main Airone building recalls the atmosphere of an 18th century Tuscan farm and when you find yourself in this fantastic place and in the midst of the incredibly beautiful natural scenery

A wide choice of activities that will allow you to get to know the deep soul of Tuscan nature: guided tours in the woods of the Sterpaia Coastal Park, walks along hidden paths in the heart of the Val di Cornia, mountain bike excursions, long baths in the sea and afternoons to spend in the sun